A Background Story To Creation of This Course

The idea of creating an online course to support people who are considering starting an intuitive guidance business was on my mind for many years.

During first 4 years of my own self-employment, working full time as a busy QHHT and Soul Realignment practitioner, I figured out many helpful business practices that I wish were available in this format when I started. Whenever I shared some of these tips with my clients who were on a verge of starting their own alternative healing business, they found them extremely helpful.

Before I found the guts to officially become a QHHT practitioner, I worked in a remarkably busy corporate world environment. After I decided to quit my old job and start my own business, I experienced many significant shifts of my limiting beliefs that I carried from the past. I found that with each major shift of my core beliefs, my business would improve noticeably.

For this reason, I am dedicating a whole module in this course to addressing your core beliefs. This will help you become crystal clear about what may be hidden under the carpet as a self-sabotaging pattern, a block to your success. I believe it is crucial to address limiting core beliefs to manifest a thriving business.

It is important that you really take time to digest the information in each lesson. Reflect on it, write down key notes, as you ponder your own belief system. Only then can you choose to align to a more liberated, empowered, and excited state of being that is a frequency match to a flourishing business.

I believe we have outgrown the hard way of doing business, the hustle-hard-lifestyle is so overrated and so out of balance with what is healthy for our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. The higher state of consciousness you hold, the easier it is to manifest your needs, wishes, and desires with ease and flow.



As a soul with a strong Gemini/Sagittarius theme, I have been a seeker of wisdom since I learned how to read. I am a lifelong book nerd. Diving deep into all subjects of metaphysical nature is what excites me.

The below image is often what I see in my head when I get excited about teaching what I know. LOL :) I am super excited about the potential of humanity at this time and the potential of the possibilities that present themselves to me whenever I think about sharing what I know. This must be my true soul calling; this is when I feel fully energized by my Higher Self. Hence, here I am, gratefully in service to you, teaching what I know. :)

I hope that this level of excitement and eagerness to grow will rub off on you while we connect inside this course.

Fortunately, I always remember that without action I would get nowhere, so do not worry, plenty of practical steps in this course will ensure you stay grounded to Earth and connected to your Here and Now.

Ready to launch?




Launch! :)



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