Ancestral healing offers a transformative journey of self-discovery, deep healing, and joyful empowerment.

As you take a step towards healing and honoring your ancestral connections with this guided experience, you can enjoy the benefits of transcended limitations, unlocked potential, and feeling inspired to live more authentically.

If you struggle with limiting behaviour patterns that run in your family, that don't seem to shift no matter what you tried to change, consciously bringing healing energy into your bones structure may be the missing key to help you resolve multi-generational energy blocks from your body.

In a world marked by disconnection and fragmentation, ancestral healing offers a profound path towards wholeness, healing, and collective evolution.

Welcome, I am grateful you were guided here. Let me share a little about my journey that has inspired me to create this guided healing experience for you.

I have spent seven years supporting near two thousand individuals on their own healing journey. Among many modalities that I explored, I value the most the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique by Dolores Cannon and Metaphysical Anatomy healing technique by Evette Rose.

The invaluable transformational experiences and epiphanies that I witnessed by simply applying what I learned into practice with my clients created a desire in me to record and share various types of guided inner journeys to support those who seek healing on their way back Home to their whol(e/i)ness.

In case you are in a situation when you can't afford the small fee for this offering, send me an email and I will give you a free access.

May you and your entire family lineage be blessed by this guided healing journey if you choose to experience it.

With best wishes,


What you will find inside this mini course is a relevant content in a text and video format including downloadable material.

You will need means to note down your epiphanies that you experience as you reflect on the presented material and go through the guided inner journey.

Create your sacred space and reserve approximately 3 hours of your focused attention to make the most of this deep healing experience.

Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
Are You Paying Attention?

If you're not paying attention to your Soul's Guidance then you give your Soul no choice but to use pain to get your attention. For you to start paying attention to something that is out of balance, something that is not in alignment with your highest Truth, with your highest potential.

The Stories in Your Bones

In this guided healing journey the focus is placed mainly on the bone structure and on the skeletal system as a whole. That's really where the ancestral trauma stories are stored and accessed the best. Each part of the body, speaks of different ancestral trauma causes to our unconscious limited behavioural and reality patterns.

Family Collective Healing

Ancestral healing is not only about personal healing but also about healing the collective lineage. By addressing unresolved issues you took on from your family, you can contribute to the healing of past and future generations. This quantum ripple effect of healing has the power to transform your entire family system.

Feedback from wonderful people who experienced

the Ancestral Healing Journey

"Hi Julie, I just did the ancestral healing, thank you. I really enJOYed the guided inner journey, lots of beautiful liquid golds coming through. I feel a great connection to my ancestors and I kind of remember a knowing or agreement before I incarnated that I would do some clearing for the ancestors. I feel really good and peaceful. Thank you again, I love what you are doing... With Love and Freedom, Amanda xo"

"Fantastic Julia... thank you so much for your generosity. I could feel that it was ancestral conditioning from spiritual groups (not just religious) their dogma, betrayal and limiting of my ancestors natural energetic abilities... Arohanui"

"Thank you for the process that I can continue to use in the future. I felt saw and experienced physical sensations, saw family ancestors and felt healing energies. Beautiful process. I felt saw some off planet ancestry and some resistance to be fully human and in my physical body. Thank you! Ann"

"Really enjoying your videos on ancestral healing, beautifully put together, thank you so much Julia xx @backtoeden"

"Thank you so much Julia!! It was so powerful and deep!! It takes time to unpack the whole experience!! Karmen"

"Thank you very very much Julia, I will do journaling and go thru again. I have much to take back from today. Chrystelle"

​"I saw my mother and grandparents and told them that I loved them very much. Bernadette"

"I was participating and it was incredibly deep and powerful! And I will definitely do it again and again. Highly recommended as there are so many layers of ancestral programming influencing our bodies, minds and emotions!! K.M."

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish and how long do I have access for?

It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

How much time should I reserve for this course?

I recommend you reserve 2-3 hours to make the most of this experience.

NOTE: It is possible that like many other participants reported already this can be experienced as a powerful deep healing session which should be not taken lightly. So ideally, reserve several days after where you will not attend any significant social gatherings, and consume no alcohol for at least 24-48 hours after this experience to ensure a smooth integration of healing and recalibration that can take place on many levels. 

Can I do this healing experience more than one time?

You can go through the Ancestral healing journey as many times as you feel guided to over many years. Ideally, leave 7-40 days between each session. Each time you will have a slightly different experience with further layers (of information and energy) coming up. Make sure to keep track of your progress by writing notes after each session. Each time you will go deeper, realize more important aspects of your past, present and future, and align stronger with your pure soul essence. More instructions inside the course.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can email Julia at [email protected] in the first 7 days and you will receive a full refund.


To ensure your well being, it is strongly advised NOT TO do this guided healing session if you are aware of extreme trauma or severe abuse of any form in your recent family lineage. In such cases it is very important to do the ancestral healing in a presence of an experienced practitioner who can guide you safely through it. You can find such practitioners HERE.

Also, if you suffer from mental or emotional disorders, you should participate in guided inner journeys with a supervision of an experienced licenced professional.

By participating in this type of healing session, you take full responsibility for the outcome. 

More Testimonials from wonderful people who experienced
the Ancestral Healing Journey with Julia

"A thousand thanks dear Julia. This was truly a moving experience. I cried almost the whole time from being moved and touched. I felt safe to surrender to this powerful energy. I was filled with lightness , colors and infinite softness. I felt completely connected to the eternal light. The images I received were beautiful and I will no doubt be able to recall them later as an anchor. Namaste V.C."

"Julia, when I first saw you via Acurda and Pam Gregory I knew you would change my life and you have. Thank you so much for this powerful and unique meditation which dropped into my inbox this morning at a time when I am struggling with arthritis in my bones. This gives me a deeper perspective and support to heal myself and go forward with my soul's mission in this lifetime. V.P."

"Thank you for this, Julia. It was another level of releasing and connecting with my ancestors in an even deeper way. I have done a lot of ancestral clearing but this really cleared it deeply from my bones. I was blowing it all out of my bones with every deep exhalation and my body felt lighter and freer by the end of it, and there was a lot of the bones clicking themselves back into new positions because so much was released. I could see the liberation also in my ancestors as I was doing this. Connecting with their higher selves, collectively, was beautiful and again, very liberating. It is so enlightening to see beyond the stories, the pain of our ancestors that as been passed down from generation to generation, through connecting with their higher selves. This was a collective healing for my ancestral lineages in a very deep way, and I could see the clouds lifted on so many levels. Thank you, C.O."

"I appreciate part 1 where you speak about the different health conditions related with this topic of ancestral wounding and where it might manifest- I have the book you are speaking about and yes it is fabulous- I mostly feel the pain in my neck, back and shoulders- no surprises there - and as you were speaking I was feeling reluctant to go into the emotion where I feel a lot of anger, I will journal about this in my own time.

Part 2 what a wonderful meditation. I was sitting in the tree top, I was feeling so held and supported, the crown of the tree had made a perfect space for me, the tree was swaying slightly and I was feeling so loved and secure. The energy went into the roots and after the Father Mother healing I saw two rows of endless trees, perfectly aligned on either side of a path the colour of the path was white. During the meditation I was feeling release in my neck arms and legs.

In the last part of the meditation a Lion came to me, I bend down and my brow touched the brow of the Lion, there were no words just a lot of love. The Lion was incredibly beautiful, its mane was so thick. As you were completing the meditation the Lion was walking ahead of me on my right side toward a setting Sun, I was feeling that we are eternally connected, the Lion turned and looked at me as if to say - walk with me. I feel very emotional yet happy and much loved. That is as much as I can share today. Thank you again Julia I appreciate this gift from you.💗 K.J."

"There was definitely divine timing involved in finding this Ancestral Healing course when I needed it so much. I'm grateful and blessed to be part of it. I know that listening to the beautiful meditation often will make my heart feel safe. It is fascinating to learn about the correlations that take place in our body. This is an excellent practical and spiritual approach to healing. Thank you so much for doing this Julia! Much Love, J.T."

"Wow Julia you were so right about doing this seated. I had done it last night laying down and wasn’t able to hold the frequency as well. I did wake up with light codes downloading from my galactic ancestors and just completed listening to your video again seated. I too utilize the tree images in my healing work so it was quite easy for me to align with my ancestral tree. My roots easily went into the galactic center of Gaia swimming as the purple divine dolphin cell lovebody and as I entered I saw my Andromedan self greeting me. Feeling deep connection to Divine Mother. When you took me to father Sky I flew easily as the Great White Owl Soul Spirit Light Body… when we were downloading that is where from many galactic lifetimes I saw burnished gold and darker earth tone colors representing ancestral karma from the stars coming in to be cleansed and purified. I feel so grateful to have purged it and feel different in my body aligning with it better! Also, the message I received is I Am Light and I came in to this human lifetime to discover I Am Love I also received the message that I came in to help my mother, which I did and now since she has crossed over in 2019 she is helping me every moment “ mothering “ me from The Light and I am feeling Light body and Love body as One Body. This experience was very confirming on many levels for me thank you for this gift🙏✨⚡️💖Namaste, C.P."

"Absolutely Fabulous Julia - Thank You!! I will have to do the meditation again as my dog barked and pulled me back into Beta state. I was bathed in a beautiful golden & green light. I noticed a Female figure with an indigo throat chakra & out of the Gold Light an eye opened to look at me. Before I connected with the Earth Mother I was toning a sound and She was toning it back to me as if it were a Siren song, The Earth Mother embraced me & I could smell the sweet fragrance of earth - I kept hearing Deva Primal singing "Om Hraum Mitraya" - Unfortunately my dog barking pulled me out! but I did look up the meaning of the Mantra & found that this Mantra brings peace & healing to relationships, rebalancing & healing us to what we are meant to be. Releasing us from patterns not serving us & allowing connections & communications to the Divine Feminine Principle associated with Knowledge/ Wisdom & Creativity. WoW!!! D.G."

"Thank you Julia! Wonderful experience and such an important emphasis on the connection to the body. Loved it! My journey experience included a beautiful planet mostly in blue, magenta and purple (these were the colors that came to me from connecting with the Earth and the Sun that then unified). I was a colorful fairy and also a non-human being showed up in front of me a second or two. I saw a cauldron and a cup. Many words came through that I wrote down with my eyes closed: sacred, wisdom, light, abundance, rainbow, not different, aura, flying, love, awake, healed, sun, I am whole. U.S."