This easy-to-follow video course was created to help you improve your conscious awareness of your 'Higher-Self', your perfect inner guidance system.

By 'Higher', I don’t mean something above you or outside of you. I mean the part of your inner most sacred being that is not affected by earthly limitations, polarity games, trauma, but instead, it is in constant unity with your Divine Being templates, your Divine Intelligence. That part of you that Knows The Way Home.

With practical aspects of this online course you will become significantly more conscious of the many subtle signs and different ways of how your Higher-Self is communicating with you every day and night. Your extra-sensory awareness will grow stronger, and you will become more confident in working with your intuition.

With the overwhelming amount of information you are exposed to daily, it is necessary to clearly understand how your inner GPS works. Prepare to start completely trusting in Divine Guidance of your Soul and live your life with greater ease and flow.

Since its release a few years ago hundreds of people completed this course

which received the Top 10% Online Course Score via Coursemarks.

Feedback from the students of this course:

“I started your online course last week - it resonates so deeply and beautifully. So informational. I decided to use one of your exercises as part of my morning routine as it helps me start a day on a much higher vibe. I find myself much more in tune with my inner guidance. Much less doubtful or fearful. My deepest gratitude for this gift.”


* * *

“I'm practicing now for quite a while and I see the huge improvement from where I started to what I can experience now. I have been shown by guardians many things that would be hard for my human mind to make up (as I firstly thought) the most difficult for me was trusting that I'm not imagining what I'm seeing, that it is shown to me for a reason during my meditations. Thank you, Julia for this course I find it really useful, I love it”


* * *

“I was always expecting to hear my guides talking to me during meditation but after the video I realized that my strongest sense is feeling, I now realized that I can easily tune into energy thanks very much, this is priceless to me!!”


* * *

"Amazing amount of beautifully presented, highly informative, crystal clear content, so much for such a small investment, very generous of you! Thank you so much Julia, I am very excited to begin my journey with you!"

Love, Eilish 🥰

You can read many more testimonials further below.

With 7-Day Money Back Guarantee, you have nothing to loose. I would love for you to have all this knowledge. With a little bit of PRACTICE, you can ENJOY THE BENEFITS of what it feels like to be aligned with your inner guidance leading you to the path of your highest potential.

Just imagine being able to clearly distinguish between your EGO voice vs. your Soul's wisdom guiding you in every day life to make decisions aligned with your highest potential in life.

Meet Your Instructor

Julia Balaz

With 7 years of facilitating QHHT (Dolores Cannon Technique), Soul Realignment (Andrea Hess Technique), and Metaphysical Anatomy Healing (Evette Rose Technique) sessions, I have assisted close to two thousand clients reaching higher levels of consciousness and thought them how to keep their Higher Self connection strong in their day-to-day life.

In this online course I have pinned down the most practical information and exercises to help YOU develop a strong connection with your inner GPS system. May you benefit from it long term.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

You have a lifetime access to the course after you enroll. You can go through it at your own pace.

What if I have any questions during my study?

You are welcome to type your questions in the comment section under each lesson. They will be answered by Julia or the Admin Support Team as appropriate.

Where can I send my feedback?

We would love to hear your constructive feedback on the course, any suggestions, and about your experience with this course overall. You can email your feedback to Julia at [email protected]. or share it in the comments section. Thank you.

What if this is not what I was looking for after I purchase the course?

You can request a full refund within 3 days of purchasing your course if you feel it is not worth the value or have other reason for it.

"Julia's style, energy and personal presence is radiant, pleasant and she puts a person instantly at ease.

The concise content is perfect for those who are seeking to understand the higher self connection.

The course begins easing the listener into what the concept really is and expands on the subject as the course develops. The supplemented exercises quickly teach the listener to understand and differentiate through personal experience/interaction with the content.

Even though it wasn't my first time hearing about these topics, Julia still had my attention to listen, remember and realign with the subject matter.

The flow, time and content of all modules felt perfect.

I thoroughly enjoyed the additional upload documents with extra tips, diagrams, images, background music, colour theme...the whole layout is well thought out.

I would have loved to see this course when I started on this path many years ago myself. Will gladly recommend this to others." <3

Eliana, CA, USA

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

This is my second course by Julia and it's been another wonderful experience in learning. The course is short but sweet with valuable information. All the lessons are easy to understand. Julia does an amazing job explaining all the concepts. The meditations are great! Looking forward to see more amazing courses by Julia in the near future! Thank You So Much Julia! Keep the good work! Namaste :-) 

Hector Manjarez

* * *

Valuable information | Clear explanations | Engaging delivery | Helpful practice activities |

Accurate course description | Knowledgeable instructor

Patrick B.

* * *

Thank you Julia for putting together a fantastic course like this. This is a beautiful way to help people become more familiar with their deeper aspects of self. This course gives your soul the recognition that you are seeking to become closer to it and what you seek is seeking you.


* * *

I have recently completed this course and I wanted to reach out to you to say thanks for this wonderful course and sharing the profound knowledge on the subject. It has resonated and touched me at a very deeper level inside and I felt so comfortable, connected and guided. The Extra-Sensory Perception Exercise was amazing. My sincere thanks to you for helping me out taking a further step in my journey. At the moment I am going through your other course 'Galactic Soul Journey Astrology' and trying to connect dots :)

I liked your content very much. Thanks for your hard work and efforts :) Keep shining.

Regards, Ashu

* * *

Thank you for this amazing course, I absolutely LOVE it!

Angie May

* * *

I absolutely love your courses. It is helping me trust more in myself. Thank you so much!

Arron Davis

* * *

Dear Julia, I sincerely appreciate you and your willingness to generously share your gifts with me in this course. I feel deeply inspired by your beautiful love and light. We Are One <3 This course offered me very useful information and it brings more clarity to help me improve discernment between my mind's chatter and guidance from my Higher Self. I am enjoying this course very much and you are truly helping to clarify so much for me.

Also, I just completed the incredible meditation in the lesson on Daily Affirmations, and words cannot fully explain my experience. I feel immense gratitude for your presence, guidance and support on my soul's journey. I look forward to embodying my gifts and sharing them with all of creation for my highest good and the greater good of all. Much Love. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Laxhmi Persaud

* * *

I saw your interview with Heather Ensworth and was inspired to your site and guided to the course. Having worked with Spirit / Higher Consciousness for most of my life - all 6 decades and counting😊!

I am so impressed with how you have collated and delivered all this information in one short course. It’s as if I had to experience all I have learned and experienced over many years in a few hours. Thank you so much this has been a gift of integration of truth. Blessed Be much love and light.

Paul xxx

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Thank you for creating this course. It is helping me grow on so many levels. I was unclear about my cognoscitive abilities until I heard you explain about your knowing. It inspires me to learn to trust my knowing and work with it more."

Debbie Sabath-Baker

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Valuable information | Clear explanations | Engaging delivery | Helpful practice activities | Accurate course description | Knowledgeable instructor

Dragana Desnica


Dear Julia, I am awestruck on how thorough and comprehensive this course is. Your knowledge, wisdom and teaching style is impeccable. This course gives both a grounded & vast understanding that offers depth of the teachings and practical exercises to feel a direct experience & practice simply in daily life. I've gone through one pass of the course and will go back again so I can deepen more into the practices and integrate them my other daily practices & assimilate it all into my body and cells. So much of what you provide is complimentary to other ways I've been personally learning, practicing and implementing into my life, yet there are so many more layers to go deeper & I can now open more channels of communication through the wisdom you shared.

The amount of content you provide here, in such a compacted way, makes this course practical & easy to implement into life. I am sure each time I go through this there will be even more that I will be able to absorb as I practice these new ways for deeper connection with my Higher Self. In reflection of my life, I can see that I didn't give many practices enough time to take root & then I would move on to something else. Where I would be left saying "it works for them but not for me". And I realize that is a deep seated mind pattern of a false belief. However, your explanations & the cautions and/or roadblocks of what to expect along the way, so as not to get discouraged, is very helpful and to know that its part of the path brings grace. With what you share and offer I will be more diligent and can do these practices with more conviction so my connection with my Higher Self is more sure, steady and clear.

Also, the explanation and examples you give of brain waves is off the charts amazing. I have learned, guided & taught yoga for years and the examples you give of the brain waves takes what I've seen taught in hours, days and weeks of time into an easy, digestible, practical way. Especially how it pertains to Yoga Nidra. You truly have a gift to transmit and simplify the work of Spirit.

I have infinite gratitude to you and for you. Thank you.

With Gratitude & Love, Charisse

* * * * *

"It has been the most marvelous course I've done so far. I am using one of the techniques learned here almost every day. And I'm looking forward to the bonus content - what an abundance of learning material, thank you sooooo much! Blessings and love"

~ Oliver

* * * * *

"Here in this course that you have created Julia, is a wonderful useful toolbox that any person can take on their Journey of Awakening. Learning to live a balanced life spiritually and physically is a life long learning process we evolve one step at a time. When we can understand how to achieve a good solid and purposeful relationship with our soul and spirit and with our helpers and guides then we can live a truly meaningful life. You are a notable Teacher Julia Balaz and I appreciate all the material in this course which I will return to time and again I'm sure! Namaste."

Karina Jensen

* * * * *

"Since I saw an interview with you and became very interested in your Galactic astrology course and bought this very cheap course to find out the quality & way and method of your teaching. These 11 euro were spent very well! I am impressed by the clear way and well-chosen distinctions to ground one's higher self-connection. I really feel that you have a true gift and an excellent connection with your higher self! So then I dared to invest in Galactic Astrology course 101 & again I am surprised by the high quality and excellent 'setup and presentation of the topic. I love the way you ground such a ‘far out’ topic. It really makes my being dance!

You teach me how to create an educational course while offering something far beyond the scope and vision of most people’s consciousness and awareness. I admire tour educational skills and model a pleasant attitude."

Fred van Heukelom