If you are wondering what the purpose of your life is, what are your strengths, what life path will make you the happiest, what career to choose or why you struggle with certain challenges in life over and over again, this course will help you find the answers.

Reserve a couple of days for you to apply the information shared in this course and enjoy the process of self-discovery. You will be reading, writing and deeply analyzing yourself & your life in this process. The end result will be your much better understanding of yourself and your life.

***If you prefer to get things handed to you by others, this course is most likely not for you. Find a skilled astrologer instead and let them do the work for you at a high cost.

However, if you love figuring things out for yourself with just a little bit of support and direction, you will enjoy the rapid expansion & understanding of your world through this structured analysis of your Unique Life Road Map.

My hope is that you will feel like you are unwrapping a great gift that will keep on giving. May it inspire you to build a life-long relationship with Astrology to help you grow and improve your life on many levels.

*This course does not include information about Fixed stars and Galactic Astrology. To study that you can avail of my other courses listed further below.

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Meet Your Instructor

Julia Balaz

My interest in astrology and all things metaphysical started in my early teens. I am a true bookworm!🧐

For the last seven years I felt guided to meticulously study Astrological Charts of my clients AFTER Regression Hypnosis (QHHT®) sessions with me. I was looking for some verification on ‘past’ lives & higher guidance that unraveled in so many sessions.

As a result of analyzing close to two thousand Astro charts I feel elated to share my research data confirming epic cosmic orchestration and influence of celestial bodies on our lives, supporting our collective evolution.

Enjoy the deep dive and benefiting from my content going forward. Thank you for being here. 

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