Unknown Time of Birth - 5 Ways To Find Out + Pendulum 101

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Natal chart of a person born in the same hospital as you on the same day but at a different time will look different from yours. Minutes matter!

It is rare for a parent to remember the exact time including the exact minute of their childbirth. Sometimes they say they are sure but when the birth records are checked there is quite a discrepancy.

If you are unsure of your time of birth, there are 5 ways to find out.

1) Look at your Birth Certificate. Many have time of birth recorded there. Especially kids born since the early 80ies. Alternatively, you can call the hospital you were born in, and ask them to check their new-born records. Some of my clients managed to get their time of birth by calling the hospital they were born in. Even clients born in the early 1970ies.

2) Use an automatic website tool that generates your chart after you enter enough information about your major life events. You can give it a go by clicking HERE. It is a lengthy process, I warn you, but well worth it.

3) Pay a skilled astrologer who will ask you many questions similar to what you will have to enter in the free tool I enclosed at the point #2. It is a tedious work that can take many hours. The few astrologers I checked charge around €250 for this service.

4) Go to Astro-Seek website and play around with different times, generating 3-5 charts that are spread across 24 hours and see which of the Ascendants, MCs Signs and Part of Fortunes Houses will resonate with you the most. Go with the one that you feel is your best match.

5) If you are good at tapping into the inner wisdom of your body, and using your intuition, take time to center yourself by taking few deep breaths and use a PEDULUM. I have attached a few pendulum charts and information you may need. Just go for it, and trust that your body and soul have the record of the exact time of your birth. Then you can follow step 4 above if you want to double-check your answer.


If you haven't worked with a pendulum before, there is a whole module with many lessons inside this course dedicated to this topic. Enjoy that journey.

I have also attached some pendulum charts for you. May you find them helpful in determining your accurate time of birth. I use them often.

Example question when using a pendulum with the attached numerical chart:

Q: Show me the exact hour of my current body time of birth on this 24 hours numerical chart.

Q: Is the minute of my birth time a single digit? YES/NO

Q: Is the minute of my birth time a double digit? YES/NO

Q: Show me the single digit of the minutes of my exact time of birth.

Q: Show me the double digit of minutes of my time of birth, one after another.

(If you previously receive answer yes that your time of birth minutes are a double digit, then wait for 2 numbers to be shown on the chart, one after another.

After you dowse and receive the hour and minutes of your time of birth, go to Astro-Seek.com

enter your birth details and read about your Ascendant, Midheaven, Part of Fortune and other elements and see if that description resonates with who you are.

Be playful about this. It may take you a few hours but eventually you will figure it out and it will be well worth it.

Numerical Chart JB.pdf
Consciousness Chart JB.pdf
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