Your Extra-Sensory Models

My belief is that extra-sensory perception (ESP) is not a new skill. All of us have the ability to receive and perceive information from the quantum field as part of our multi-dimensional heritage, which was sadly overlooked and unsupported by masses for centuries.

The #1 key to developing your ESP is to fully open up to the idea and accept that you too are able to receive information from the quantum field.

And that with practice, patience and positive attitude, you too can become very good at it.

It's important to pay close attention to all your senses when starting being consciously aware of the communication from your Higher Self and your loving Spirit Guides.

I invite you now to find a comfortable position in a quiet place and take the guided exercise below to find out if you are a visual, auditory or cognitive person so that you can start paying more attention to your strongest sense when connecting to your Higher Self.

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