Your Unique Natal Astro Chart - How To Access It

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With any Astrology work, you need to have access to your unique natal astrological chart. There are many websites that offer this service for free.

The one I use the most at the moment is page.

Click HERE to get your natal Astro chart, or use another website that you prefer.

I suggest you register with them for free by choosing your username and password for a quicker access to your unique information for your future log ins.

This website is excellent for generating ACCURATE natal chart as well as future PERSONALISED horoscopes and other interesting options based on your TIME of birth. It is a fantastic free resource that I highly recommend. Another good site with plenty of awesome free resources is


Watch the "Unknown Time of Birth" video lesson HERE if you don't know your exact time of birth. Your accurate time of birth is important for your research work in this entire course.


If today is your first time ever seeing your full natal chart, take your time reading the information that will be generated by the above website. I would even suggest you take a day or two to just digest that information alone. If you cannot do that today, schedule to return to it another day and just sit with it, reflect on each element in your detailed chart and see how much you are in or out of alignment with your best potential.

Are you expressing your shadow or your light in each Astro aspect?

And if the shadow, what guidance can you find in your chart to help you transform for the better? It is all in your chart.


Do not worry if it is too confusing or overwhelming at first, that is normal for a newbie. As you continue returning to your Astro chart information often, you will soon start really appreciating the guidance as you start gaining a better understanding of it all.

Difficult planets alignments are never to be blamed for your misfortune; YOUR FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS! Reaching a higher understanding of yourself by studying your Astrological chart can help you reach your potential in this life in many ways.

It is likely that when you first read the information in your natal chart, you will feel some resistance and maybe even a disbelief, not wanting to accept the shadow side, or feeling like you still must grow a lot to fill those big shoes. Especially if you are reading it as a young adult. That is perfectly normal.

The reason why you do this work is for you to start closing the gap between where you are and where you are meant to be. It is so important that you keep your Astro chart close by and study it on a regular basis. Each time you will look at it, you will register different details and either integrate or transform them.

The more you will read it, the more you will start recognizing your potential for embodying and expressing the higher aspects of your chart. You will also better understand your shadow side, until it will eventually stop sabotaging your well-being.

The power of a regular chart review process is in your consistent focus on becoming consciously aware and connected to the idea of manifesting your ideal-self in this lifetime. You will start seeing new opportunities and choices that you did not see before.

As Dolores Cannon often said, "There are no limitations except the limits of our own mind."

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