Important Points To Remember

1) Our space is packed with extra-terrestrial life.

As our human collective consciousness evolves and accepts this, we will continue to find endless proof of extra-terrestrial life and their involvement with humans on earth from the very beginning. I wholeheartedly believe that this will become accepted by Science and Main Stream Media sooner than we think.

Scientists in all fields of study approach the possibility of alien life with serious consideration and extensive research is ongoing for decades. ⁠

In May 2013 in the Icarus Journal, Vol 224 (accessible online) in an article named The 'Wow! Signal' they shared their findings from a 13-year-long study of human DNA as part of the 'Human Genome Project'.⁠⁠

Their study led them to believe that an extra-terrestrial and highly intelligent civilization altered human DNA. They based this claim on a DNA coding that they found that can be perceived as a 'message' that has very precise arithmetic patterns and ideographic symbolic language. ⁠

⁠They concluded that what they found within human DNA is near to impossible to be a natural phenomenon of a natural evolution. ⁠

According to their research 97% of non-coding sequences of human DNA is a genetic code from alien life forms! They support the idea that similar genetic seeding is occurring on many other earth-like planets in the Universe.⁠

⁠They believe that 'the sudden boom' in evolution experienced on Earth millions of years ago is a sign of a higher intelligence interference and that sooner or later, we have to accept the fact that all life on Earth carries the genetic code of our extra-terrestrial cousins and that evolution is not what we were lead to believe.

"To consider the Earth as the only populated world in infinite space is as absurd as to assert that in an entire field of millet, only one grain will grow."⁠

Metrodorus of Chios⁠

I shared a story a few years ago with my online community, about a QHHT client of mine whose father admitted to her when he was dying that he was not only an RAF pilot (Royal Air Force), but that he was involved with secret government agency that was working with Extra-terrestrial beings. That our space is full of hundreds of different kinds of extra-terrestrial humans. Some good, some bad. He told her to question everything and dig deep to uncover the Truth.

2) Proof

We are diving deep here into topics/theories that cannot be proved or disproved in some tangible way. The only proof is how you feel about the information presented. Does it resonate with you as Truth or not? Tune in with your inner being.

3) My perspective/interpretation

Interpretations of the Galactic Astro Charts presented in this course are based on my many personal experiences in QHHT (Regression Hypnosis) and Soul Realignment sessions, my extensive and continuous research of astronomy, astrology and extra-terrestrial life, ancient text on human history in relation to 'Gods', 'Angels' in various cultures, channelled information on ET life, based on my application of all that information when doing readings for my clients, and receiving their feedback.

I only share with you the information that feels right to me, based on my understanding and experience. If you ever come across a different presentation from other sources, you will have to use your discernment and decide for yourself what feels right for you personally.

4) Past and Future Lives

With most Galactic Astro charts it is challenging to find a linear story of our soul's journey. Souls often go back and forth between different star systems, black holes and between past and future timelines. Many ET humans are highly advanced beings who can time travel.

I resonate with the idea that we can refer to the lives of our soul's journey when we experience lower density, polarity issues, trauma etc. as our past lives. And lives when we reached unity consciousness, peace, wisdom, can be referred to as our future lives, as our inner guiding light.

Whenever we reach a higher state of consciousness in meditation, breath work, hypnosis, etc. when our brain goes into Theta and even Gamma frequency, we can sense the timelessness of our soul, we can connect to our past, our future, and parallel soul experiences instantly. Time works well on Earth and planets affected by gravity. But it is useless in many other places in our Universe, where physical experience is not needed.

In many QHHT sessions (regression hypnosis) the clients described places that had star-like quality, gaseous atmosphere, no trees or vegetation, and the beings living there having light bodies. They were able to perceive their individual mind, but also feeling completely in tune with the collective consciousness. Telepathy was how everyone communicated, and there was no sense of time, just being-ness.

In our essence we are pure consciousness, we are eternal, we are limitless, we are connected to all that is.

If at any point of your Galactic Astrology journey you will find yourself struggling with figuring out a linear story from looking at your Galactic Astro chart, allow yourself to just see all your galactic connections as your parallel lives.

It does not really matter what came first and what second. What matters is what you do with that information. How can you apply it in the here and now to help you improve your current life in some way.

5) Time travel

Another important element I came across in sessions, and in Astrological charts are stargates, interdimensional portals, that are connecting us to other galaxies and universes, including parallel universes, or connecting distant star systems within our Galaxy.

Many people on Earth have such advance space travel under their soul's belt. Many of humans on Earth are souls who came here from future. I have a strong sense of that to be true for me too. I remember many of my past lives on Earth, but I also feel a strong connection to my distant future self, since I connected with her in my own QHHT session and on other occasions. I know others who have similar connections too.

It is possible that you too have experienced time travel, interdimensional travel, going back and forth between different star systems using star gates, black holes that are abundant in our Universe, and for some, even accessing other galaxies and universes.

I hope you are a sci-fi fan because a lot of this sounds like it. :) But in my countless experiences (as a QHHT and Soul Realignment practitioner) from my perspective, these stories are very real and possible.

You will be able to get a vaguely linear story of your soul's history at the end of this course. But if you struggle, I suggest you do not get too hung up on needing to know a linear history interpretation of your chart.

6) Exceptions & Paradoxes

With everything I share in this course, there may be exceptions to the rule. I want you to stay open to new possibilities, new perspectives and to honor your unique soul's journey. Especially when you will learn about galactic star nation characteristics in the later chapters, understand that they are based on individual souls' experiences that were accessed, and shared at some point.

Different souls in the same star nation can have a completely different and even contrasting experience. Just like two neighbours living on one street on Earth can have a quite different perspective on what living on Earth is like. One can see it as heaven, the other as hell.

Be open to receiving insights through your own meditations, inner journeying, regression hypnosis, other books, blogs, videos that may be presented to you by your own Higher Self's daily guidance to show you another perspective.

Take all the information you receive here or outside of this course on the topic of Galactics with a grain of salt. Do not get too hung up on details, or accepting one presentation as the absolute truth, discarding everything else as wrong. Just stay open-minded while you are collecting information on this topic. In time, you will form your own opinions, experiences, perspectives that you will resonate with on a deeper level. For now, you are researching and collecting data.

7) Earthing/Grounding

If you are new to the Extra-terrestrial life topic, it can be quite overwhelming at the beginning. That is normal and only a temporary experience. What helps a lot is grounding yourself into here and now moment by focusing on your breath, appreciating your body, meditating, connecting with Earth's energy by appreciating Nature etc.

You are here for a reason, there is order in the seeming chaos, everything is exactly as it should be. Embrace being human even if you would prefer to be back on some other planet or star that did not have the contrast of polarity as we have here.

It is important that when you connect with galactic consciousness/energies/stories, that you remain connected to Earth by embracing your life here and now. You do not want to be miserable resenting being here. It is a disempowering story of victimhood. Do not do that to yourself.

Instead, you can choose self-empowerment, resourcefulness, creativity, gratitude, faith, peace, and magic.

Earth is a place of infinite possibilities. It is a very generous super intelligent planetary being that selflessly holds space for evolution of countless beings. It is one big playground; in some corners you will find the bullies and in others, a nice bunch of kids joyfully celebrating life. You just have to find or attract your tribe. Find a way to connect with energies on Earth that you can enjoy and appreciate. There is a lot of darkness on Earth, but also plenty of light and beauty. You are free to choose what you focus on.

8) QHHT & Soul Realignment sessions data

In some of my clients' sessions when ET beings showed up as their higher aspects, or as their soul family, when they gave us the name of a star system, I later checked those clients' Astro charts, and found that the very star system was aligned to a few of my client's natal planets. For example, if the client had Sirius aligned with Neptune, or the Nodes, or other planets, Sirian beings showed up in their session as their main support, as their soul family. The same kept happening with the Arcturians, Pleiadians, etc.


I also noticed that when my clients' sessions were happening on a day when the Sun, the Moon or other planet were in a tight conjunct alignment with a particular star system, for example Pleiades, I would find Pleiades alignments in those clients' natal chart. And on those occasions, those star beings came in strongly in the session, to help them remember their star family, and who they were on a soul level.

Isn't that fascinating? Those were some of my favourite 'synchronicities' and one of the key moments that prompted me to develop this course.

9) Intentional connection with star nations in your chart

The influence of the fixed stars or your soul aspects and experiences from those stars systems will be most intense during their key transits. When a fixed star of Sirius for example, is conjunct or opposite our Sun or, when it is returning to the same alignment with your natal chart's planets Astro degrees, just as it was when you were born.

On and around those dates the influence of that fixed star system and your possible accessing your soul memories can be intensified. It is like an energy connection portal that is opening for you.

There is a whole lesson on this later in this course. Take time reviewing it.

10) Order of importance

I really want to point out here that none of the star systems are more important than others. And not more important than being Earth human. Everything in this creation is equally valuable and important in the grand scheme of All That Is. The eternal One Consciousness is experiencing itself in infinite ways. You are one of those ways.

My hope is that thanks to this course, you will gain a deeper understanding of your unique place and role in this Universe. May it liberate you and help you grow into your wholeness.

11) Superiority Complex

I can't stress enough how important it is to stay humble and not fall for the ego's traps of creating a superiority complex when you see your star alignments. This work is not indented to boost egos but to understand that we are connected to cosmos more than we ever realized. Aside all other stars systems and exciting places in cosmos, we are earth humans and we are here for a reason. Attaching to fancy galactic races labels should not act as a plaster for a low self confidence issues. It should not create separation between you and others. What matters is who are you choosing to be in your every day experience. What does it matter having connections to other star nations when the person creates disharmony in their life here and now? Embrace being human, connected to all that is. The sun shines equally on us all. <3

12) Soul group incarnations, family, friends.

Whenever I had a chance to do Galactic Astro chart readings for a couple, or parents and children, or siblings, I found that similar star systems would appear in all their charts, indicating that they know each other from before coming to Earth. That they are part of the same soul group family. And these family members would usually get along well, there would share similarities in their being.

And, in contrary, when I looked at a chart of a family member who would be the odd one out, I would see that there were no connections to the rest of the family's star systems, they were connected to different star systems!


An example of how helpful this can be, I did a reading for a young lady who just started a new relationship that felt very special to her. From the moment they met, she felt like they knew each other for a long time, but she was cautious because she got burned in previous relationships and did not want to get hurt again. In both of their charts I found that their Neptune, Pluto, and few other planets were aligned with Hadar in Centaurus constellation. They were soul mates for a very long time and she was thrilled to hear it, it gave her a sense of reassurance, and she opened her heart fully. They are still happily together.

Check out your family charts. I bet you will find similarities in your family charts too. Enjoy this process of finding out. Keep the paperwork handy, so you can review it often as you discover more and more information about yourself and others.

One thing I would like to suggest (although I may be wrong here), do not tell others about their galactic connections if they are not open to these topics at this time of their life. We must respect their free will and divine timing. I learned this the hard way a few years back. My close relative thinks I am mad for believing that intelligent 'aliens' are involved with humanity on Earth. I patiently wait for his time of awakening to come hopefully in the near future. He has such an awesome galactic history, but clearly, he is currently aligned with an environment where knowing his soul history and seeing the bigger picture would cause him confusion and inner conflict. And this is the case for many. Respect everyone's path and be ok with where they are at. Focus on you and those who have ears to hear. Perhaps you can navigate this intuitively, test the waters by asking people their opinion on ET phenomenon and based on their response, you can share more, or don't say anything further. Let your heart guide you, always. :)

13) Additional possibilities

Remember that this course is meant to be an introduction to the topic of bringing fixed stars and other deep space objects into your life consciously. Our free calculator is limited by a selection of certain stars but there are so many more deep space objects that you could be connected to in one way or another. In this course I will cover the additional possibilities that you can explore later if you feel so guided.

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