Main Intention and a Disclaimer

This entire course is designed to expand your understanding of your soul's existence within the Universe, and to help you see your life from a much higher perspective. It may give you a sense of timelessness and purposefulness of your greater being.

We will focus on many different aspects of our human existence in relation to Stars and their influence on our mind, body, and soul.

I would like to highlight here that Galactic Astrology is not meant to boost people's egos and make them feel special. I am grateful that I am yet to see such effect on anyone who connected with my work. So far, what I am witnessing, and not just from my own clients readings but now also from the certified practitioners clients readings, is that this work is making people more humble, more responsible with their choices, more self-reflective and consciously aware of the profound impact of their every-day choices on multiple generations not only on earth but also in greater cosmos. Uncovering our connection to stars and how the stars influence our life can and should be used as invaluable tool for personal evolution, a journey towards greater well being, harmony, clarity, peace, love, connection, sovereignty...self-mastery.

Throughout this course, I encourage you to feel into the resonance of the information with your own own being. As with any research, it is best you focus on the information that resonates with your being and leave out what does not feel right for you.

My main intention for creating this course was to assist people who are wondering about:

  • who they are on a soul level,
  • where they come from,
  • what star systems are they connected to,
  • connecting to their soul star family, often staring at the night sky,
  • what is their purpose, their soul mission on Earth,
  • their dreams, meditation, or hypnosis regression experiences from places that seemed unearthly,
  • their experience with extra-terrestrial beings,
  • their feeling that Earth is not the only place they have lived on,
  • and of course, people interested in exploring the great potential of Astrology and taking it to the next level.

People may find great comfort, clarity, and validation of their intuitive knowing when they learn about star systems that are aligned with their astrological chart, and how these star systems may be influencing their every-day life.

Sometimes the influence is very strong and sometimes quite minimal. Depending on the alignments and transits. You will learn about all this, and much more, in this course.

A little disclaimer before we go further:

A lot of information in this course cannot be proven or disproven as it is mainly of metaphysical and hypothetical nature.

As a conscious participant of this course, you take sole responsibility for any decisions or actions you may take based on the information presented in this course.

Use your discernment and do your own further research if you feel guided to.

I invite you to explore the content of this course with an open mind and heart.

Let us begin...

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