How To Navigate This Course

This course is attracting people from all walks of life and I did my best to facilitate a wide variety of levels of consciousness meeting here. Some of your are already experienced in this field and some are complete newbies.

Some of the modules could be presented as a separate mini-courses. It was a challenge for me to decide whether to start the flow of content first with the basic astrology, or introducing of the ET topics. Different order would have been fine for different people. You can consider the order of modules I decided on as a suggestion only. You are welcome to start and focus on modules that you are most interested in first. Let your natural curiosity guide you.


If you are not familiar with Astrology basics, I strongly recommend that you first go scroll down and find the module called Astrology 101 for Newbies, with many lessons that explain the basics. Take your time integrating that information, practice with your chart and your immediate family charts and then go through the other modules. This will make your experience with this course much more enjoyable.


For those of you who are complete newbies to the idea of extra-terrestrials and their historical involvement with Earth and other star systems, you will need to really take your time with exploring this topic and the additional resources (books and articles) I recommend inside this course. Especially the books I highlighted in this lesson. As you gain a greater understanding of the history of certain races you will be able to much better understand and read your chart. You will be able to connect the dots inside your chart much better than without that knowledge.


Do not compare yourself to others who are many steps ahead of you. It does not serve you. Remember, that those who seem far ahead of you must have been on this journey for much longer. They too were once where you are now. So be at peace with your own unique path and divine timing for you to walk this exciting path. All is well. <3


You will notice that each lesson has a comments section at the end of it. I encourage you to take time to review the comments as many of them are brilliant and offer further insights to the lesson. Feel free to ask your questions there, or share your experience, or reflections as a way to connect and contribute if you feel so guided. I will be happy to answer all your questions and help in any way I can.


You will also find attachments at the end of many lessons. You will be able to download those attachments (usually in pdf format) and keep for personal use.

6) 'INDEX'

If you need to quickly search for a topic, if you are on a computer, you can use the CTRL+F function while reviewing the course curriculum. After you press CTRL+F, a small search window will appear on your top right corner of the screen where you can type a keyword like: Aspects, ET Races, Galactic Center, etc. Then click Enter and see the FIND function will highlight the lessons that contain that key word. 

Similarly, when you are inside any lesson, you can use the same function CTRL+F, to quickly find what you are looking for.

7) Q&A RECORDINGS & clients video sessions

There are currently three Q&A calls recordings available in this course. I recommend you scroll to the end of this course to find the Q&A section and watch them at the beginning of your study. You may find them very helpful.

At some point during your studies you may be interested in watching Julia's clients session including seeing their Astrological charts, click HERE. Many more sessions with Astro charts are available on my Patreon HERE


In the following lessons, you will learn much about the meaning of different planetary alignments, and about many star systems including their history and involvement with Earth.

When you will be reading and studying all that information, you must pay special attention to words and sentences that stand out for you. Start noticing that when you read a long text, you may be reading a lot without connecting much, you just skip through it, but then you read a sentence or two or just a word that gets your attention, it pulls you in, it speaks to your soul. Those are the clues you want to write down, and reflect on them.

You can apply this 'technique' to help you really develop your intuitive skills in any research, not just in this course.


As you will dive into the next chapters, you will soon realize that this whole process takes time. You cannot rush this. There is a lot of reading, learning, analyzing, reflecting and even meditating and inner journeying. Do your best to just enjoy the long process and feel the expansion of your consciousness occurring with each new information you learn in this course.

If at any point you will feel a sense of frustration coming up, or feel like you have come to a dead end, you need to take a break from reading any further. Honour the inner signals, they are telling you that you need to allow your inner being to integrate what you just tapped into first, before you let anything else new in.

You will be intuitively guided to return to this course later when the space energetically opens inside you again, and the flow of intuitive information will be back too. Learn to honour that process. The right information that is meant for you will always come to you at the right time.

Some people choose to go through this course relatively fast from top down and then return to the beginning, and start writing the notes while going through the course for the second time. Then they go through the course the third time, while reviewing and reflecting on their notes. Then they read the recommended books and return to the course once again, diving even deeper into their Astro chart's mysteries.

Each time different information clicks in and creates an expansion of consciousness, and a deeper understanding of our soul's galactic journey.


I have reflected a lot on the idea that maybe this course should be dripped released = smaller portions of the course content would be released on a weekly basis. I did not choose that for those of you who are avid students and hungry to dive in at a faster pace.

So instead, I chose to give you access to the entire course all at once and I give YOU the opportunity to judge what pace is best and healthiest for you.

Be careful that you don't go too fast. If you do that, your brain will not be taking the information in, and you will feel overwhelmed. Possibly even give up half way through the course.

In those weak moments, you need to honor your brain's learning capacity and pace. Just slow down a little and find a way to take in smaller bite sizes.

TAKE REGULAR BREAKS from the screen even for just 10 minutes and you will notice that you remember more that way. Ideally, you should not study for longer than 45 minutes in one go.

And, TAKE REGULAR BREAKS from the content of this course, even a few days to let some of the advanced information integrate. As you return after a few days, you will notice how you are able to digest the information with greater ease.

Give yourself an opportunity to integrate the information in this course, follow the exercises, reflect on what you are learning and once it sinks in, only then move on to engage with another lesson.


If you are a complete newbie to astrology or to using your intuition in a conscious way, the first time you go through the course you are being introduced to many new concepts, and it will likely feel like it is too much to hold in your mind. That is a perfectly normal reaction. I am teaching you what I learned in many years of experience, I did not know all this at once when I started.

But I want you to be aware of the many variations and possibilities that can show up in a Galactic Astrology soul reading. It is ok if all I shared with you in this course will just stay somewhere at the back of your mind at first. Rest assured that when you will need any of that information it will suddenly come up in your memory and you will be able to apply it.


For any deep-divers here who will get really excited about the opportunity presented here, you may consider enrolling in the comprehensive PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION PROGRAM . You can review the full details HERE.

I go much deeper and share advanced information related to chart readings in the Practitioner's course. This is a very active and alive course material that is continuously expanding.

We also offer Practitioner student Login to additional features for Starseeds Reports software with many more stars included.

There is a private online group portal offering invaluable connection to a growing community of like-minded people offering invaluable support on this journey.

All our currently certified practitioners are available to do Galactic Astrology Soul Readings in exchange for fees they list on their websites. You can review their websites and styles HERE . You can also learn about their experience with the certification course and their business so far in our Galactic Ambassadors Podcast HERE

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This image was created by Ursula O'Farrell whom you may have seen on my YouTube channel a few times. A certified QSG Practitioner who is also an artist and a visual learner so she felt inspired to make a point of what I keep repeating so many times. May it help you remember the importance of using and developing your INTUITION when working with astrological charts and interpreting your fixed stars alignments. It is crucial. <3


I look forward to interacting with you in the comments section and getting to know you as you engage with this course content. Enjoy this exciting journey. <3

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