First Q&A Call Recording - September 17th 2021

This is the Q&A call recording where I answered the following questions:

  1. What do First, Second, Third etc. connections mean in the Galactic Chart Report Hector Programmed. Are they random or arranged by importance?
  2. What does it mean when there is a fixed star conjunct alignment to a particular planet (let's say Mars) but after that, only trines, sextiles, squares up to their Sun?
  3. How should we find what star soul group client is connected to when there are no fixed stars alignments in their chart?
  4. Why is it that some of the very ancient souls who experienced Lyra wars have such a difficult time coping? They seem to need a lot of constant support. Shouldn't they be much stronger and wiser by now?
  5. Many seemingly younger souls starseeds are here to clear karma that isn't even theirs and they do so well with transmuting dark energies with not much help from other beings. How can they learn more about different star nations cultures that show up in their charts to tap into their soul wisdom that they can then share on Earth?
  6. How can I tell from reading the chart if the client already worked out their life issues or they are still struggling with their life challenges?
  7. How should we interpret a single alignment to Thuban Draco that could be a conjunct to AC, or Moon, Sun...

Note from 12th of September 2021:

Please leave your questions in the comment section below.

I will answer these questions on Friday, 17th of September 2021 and share the audio or video recording of it here by the end of the day.

I will include time stamps to the recording with bullet points of which questions were answered.

The recording will be approximately 60 minutes long.

If I don't get to answer all your questions in one call, I will schedule another one soon.

Please note, that this is not a call where you can join me live. This is a call where I will answer questions you leave in the comment section here below.

Ask if you are unsure about any of the lesson's content.

Ask if there is a concept you heard elsewhere and wonder if it relates to this course.

Ask about a situation in the chart you came across that is not mentioned in this course.

Ask anything related to the topic of this course.

If you want to ask about interpretation of your chart, or determining which alignments are relevant and which ones are not, I am going to leave those questions to the end and if I will have time within the 60 minutes time frame, I will do my best to answer you. I will answer these on first come first go basis.

*I would appreciate if only students who completed reviewing ALL of the written and video material in this course asked questions here. If you are a student who is new to this course and you completed only first few lessons, it is normal for you to have MANY questions, but these are most likely going to be answered for you in further lessons of this course. So please be patient with yourself and take time to go through the rest of the course first. Thank you.

Our future calls will likely be in a live group format via zoom if the demand for it will be there. Let's wait and see. :)

Thank you for your support. I am grateful for you presence here.

With best wishes,

Julia xo