Main Intention and a Disclaimer


Large portion of this course was designed to expand your understanding of our soul's existence within the Universe, and to help you see the human life from a much higher perspective. It may even give you a sense of timelessness and purposefulness of your greater being.

We will focus on many distinct aspects of our human existence in relation to our soul's galactic heritage, history on earth and their influence on our mind, body, and soul's evolutionary process.

Throughout this course, I encourage you to feel into the resonance of the information with your own being. As with any research, it is best you focus on information that resonates with your being and leave out what does not feel right for you.

My main intention for creating this course was to assist people who are strongly considering pursuing facilitating an intuitive soul guidance for others as a career in a responsible way. I want to replace the career word here for calling. Because this type of work choice is not seen as a career, it is a soul calling. A deep desire to help others to Know Themselves.


Throughout this course material and in in our regular Q&A calls, I often highlight that Galactic Astrology Soul Reading is not meant to boost people's egos and make them feel special. I am grateful that I am witnessing, and not just from my own clients’ readings but now also from the certified practitioners clients' readings, is that Galactic Astrology reading is making people more humble, more responsible with their choices, more self-reflective and consciously aware of the profound impact of their every-day choices on multiple generations not only on earth but also in greater cosmos. Uncovering our connection to stars and how the stars influence our life can and should be used as an invaluable tool for personal evolution, a journey towards greater well-being, harmony, clarity, peace, love, connection, sovereignty...self-mastery.


This course is not about encouraging your own or after your certification for you to suggest to your (potential future) clients to develop a connection with extra-terrestrial beings, nor it is about romanticizing the being and worlds from other star systems as something that is better than our earth human experience. What I have always been most passionate about and what this course reflects is using Galactic Astrology Soul Reading as a tool to help us get a better understanding of our human life cycles, our deep psychological patterns, our weaknesses and strengths and how they may relate to our vast soul history, to our soul connections in the entire cosmos. How we can leverage our galactic heritage to improve our experience of here and now and to support greater harmony in the whole universe since everything is interconnected.


I am dedicating a whole module in this course to addressing your core beliefs. This will help you become crystal clear about what may be hidden under the carpet as self-sabotaging patterns. I believe it is crucial to address limiting core beliefs to manifest a thriving business over time.

It is important that you really take time to digest the information in each lesson. Reflect on it, write down key notes, as you ponder your own belief system. Only then can you choose to align to a more liberated, empowered, and excited state of being that is a frequency match to a flourishing business.

I believe we have outgrown the hard way of doing business, the hustle-hard-lifestyle is so overrated and so out of balance with what is healthy for our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. The higher state of consciousness you hold, the easier it is to manifest your needs, wishes, and desires with ease and flow.


And of course, there are a few large modules dedicated to Astrology, Galactic Astrology, and other-worldly matters.

But most of all, a couple of complex modules focused on the Intuitive Soul Reading. I cannot wait for you to explore it and apply it in practice.


Completing this course and pursuing this as a successful career that you can built over time, can and most likely will have certain side effects that I want you to prepare for.

You will feel challenged often but as you stick with it you will start feeling a significant transformation within your being occurring exponentially over time.

You will grow a sense of satisfaction, healthy pride, enthusiasm, accomplishment, expansion, growth, deeper soul connection, maturity, wisdom, love, peace, strength, ...

This will be a direct result of you practicing a dedicated service to others, tenacity, perseverance, discipline, discernment, learning, evolving, ...

You will learn so much from witnessing your clients' souls’ journeys of evolution, you will become more understanding, forgiving, accepting, not only of others but yourself too. As you will hold space for healing and growth of your clients, you will receive all that back multiplied. You will feel blessed in so many ways. It is my heartfelt prayer for you.

At least all of the above is what I am noticing, experiencing, living myself. Yet, I still feel like this is just the beginning, for us all. Like we are only scratching the surface here, and something epic will unfold as we continue to focus on learning more about our soul connections and our true history.


Before I found the guts to officially become a QHHT practitioner, I worked in a remarkably busy corporate environment. After I decided to quit my old job and develop my own business, I experienced many significant shifts of my limiting beliefs that I carried from the past. I found that with each major shift of my core beliefs, my business would improve noticeably.

During the many years of my own self-employment, working full time as a busy QHHT and Soul Realignment and then Galactic Astrology practitioner, I discovered many helpful business practices that I wish were available in this format when I started many years ago.

Whenever I shared some of these tips with my clients who were on a verge of starting their own alternative healing business, they found them extremely helpful. I even hosted a full day group workshop on the topic. Seeing the attendees inspired to successfully start their own alternative healing business as a result, I included that material and more as an entire module in this course dedicated to the business side of things. I hope you will find it helpful too.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When I decided to quit a corporate job mentioned above, I was offering QHHT sessions part time on my days off for a couple of years prior to that, I had my website and social media up and running and a steadily growing clientele. I felt safe to switch to self-employed as a result of that. Please do not quit your existing job in hope to make enough money to sustain you and your family from the get-go as that may not be the case for you. I suggest you choose the slow-and-steady strategy too. With the increasing number of QSG Practitioners it may take a while for you to build your own platform to bring the clients in. You are fully responsible for your own financial and other well being.


A lot of information in this course cannot be proven or dis-proven as it is of metaphysical and hypothetical nature.

As a conscious participant of this course, you take sole responsibility for any decisions or actions you may take based on the information presented in this course.

I invite you to explore the content of this course with an open mind and heart but use your discernment with everything presented and do your own further research if needed.


Every effort has been made by me (Julia Balaz) to properly cite resources and give appropriate credit to content creators (books, websites, videos) presented inside this course as an invitation for you to explore additional resources that may be complementing to this course.

Any instance where an external source has been provided, no infringement is intended and no profit is being gained by including these external links, as they are shared as optional resources for you to pursue outside of this course and are not a requirement for a successful completion of this course.

These optional materials may enhance your practice or broaden your studies, in the same way a college class will inform you of additional resources available for you to follow upon, should you choose to do so on your own. They are offered in the spirit of sharing and pointing you toward a broad range of resources, information, and insight relevant to the material covered.


“AUTHOR” – Julia Balaz, as the creator of this program and the original content contained within this course material.

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“ADDITIONAL RESOURCES” – any supporting information, material, and content created by others and included in this course as external links, “copy” snips that are properly cited and referenced to the original source. 

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The act of purchasing this course is considered as your agreement to participate in this course as its student, to study and utilize the material presented within, to uphold the community guidelines, uphold the confidentiality of the personal identity and information of other students and any experiences they share within the course community, and act with integrity around sharing outside of this course only what you have been given permission to share. We thank you in advance for embodying high integrity.


If you have any questions or feedback in relation to this course, please do not hesitate to contact Julia Balaz directly on her email: [email protected] or her Admin support team: Josh [email protected] or Kellie [email protected]. Our Galactic Astrology calculator website is managed by Hector who can be reached on [email protected].


A feeling of a great excitement and a launch of a rocket image often came to my mind during the years of tuning into my clients astrology charts, even more so while I was writing this course, and to this day whenever I receive a story from another student of my material who uncovered something 'mind-blowing' about their own soul journey that validated something major in their life. :)

I hope that this level of excitement will rub off on you while we connect inside this course.

Ready to launch?




Launch! :)


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