3.4 | Soul Colors, Aura Colors & Their Meaning

I am so excited to work on this lesson right now, I have been meaning to write down what I discovered about soul colors through my clients’ sessions for so long. It's been on my to do list for a couple of years lol. It feels great to finally do this now! :D

My curiosity about soul color meaning was sparked early on in my QHHT practice when I facilitated QHHT (regression hypnosis) sessions. I had many clients who described different colors at the point when I guided them to connect to their Higher Self. I have noticed that most of them described one color first, stayed with it for a while, described what that felt like and then, they went deeper in their hypnotic state and described another color experience that felt like Home, like being with God.

What I figured, and it was confirmed to me several times, is that the Source of our being is one color (usually white, or gold, or translucent) and the color of our soul is different (green, blue, purple for example). And that a color of our Aura that surrounds our body is also usually different from the soul and the source of our being. So, there are layers of colors which in essence are different frequencies and vibrations of our Being/Source.


Before I go any further, I want you to take time to tune into what is your most dominant soul color.

(Optional step: Play gamma frequency music of your choice to help you shift altered brainwave state. Info on this in lesson 2.4 called Brainwave States HERE)

Get comfortable.

Close your eyes.

Take a few deep long breaths.

Imagine you are breathing in white light, let it expand within your body and all around your body.

Set an intention now to become one with a color that makes you feel most at peace with yourself. Breath in that color, let it expand within and all around your body. Depending on what your CLAIR is you will either see the color with your inner sight, or hear the name of the color, or feel/sense the color, or know what the color is.

Take time to stay with that color for a few minutes to be sure it is the color you resonate with the most. If you got it right your body will relax more, you will feel positive energy flowing in, you will feel like you are expanding beyond your physical body. It is a very pleasant experience when you get the color right. If you don't have these sensations with the color that came to you first, give yourself permission to explore other colors and observe how differently they make you feel.

Reflect on it and observe with curiosity how you feel, what the color(s) represents to you, also feel if any of your chakras are becoming more open/activated. What sensations in your body, mind and soul are activating as a result of this exercise?


Do this exercise often as it is very beneficial for your well-being. (my favorite time to do this is when I start my meditation, or when I can't fall asleep)

If you stay with the right color for a few minutes, you may notice that you feel more in harmony with your soul essence, with your Truth. If you are undecided about something in your life, you can find clarity if you ask important questions in that aligned state of being.



1) If you want to take the above exercise a step further, you can then ask what is the most dominant color of your AURA in that moment by following the above process.

2) And/or ask what is the most dominant color frequency of your SOURCE, (the most divine aspect of your eternal being you can imagine).


One would presume that the answer should be white for all of us at the Source level. And I say yes, but! I found that in many clients' sessions the answer to this question varied. I have had clients with their Source showing as gold, silver, diamond, crystal, rainbow, translucent, or iridescent...

I believe this is so because my intention is knowing the frequency/color of the individual soul source. Perhaps as an individual fragment of Source Of All That Is the individual soul source color can vary.

And when this divine fragment of our Being projects itself into further lower dimensions and densities it can experience the rainbow spectrum of different vibrations, different experiences. That's when the soul colors meaning described below comes in.


If the above 3 paragraphs on Soul Source Color are confusing to you, just leave it out from your client’s sessions and focus on their soul's most dominant color frequency as described further below.



From my experience, there can be a few different colors within the soul matrix. I often see a combination of blue and green, or blue and purple, yellow and blue etc. On earth we have a huge number of human souls who are very old and traveled across many star systems, they are embodying a mix of two to three rays of the rainbow spectrum. Always check if there is more than one soul color present.


SOUL Colors Versus AURA Colors Meaning

Soul color will become a theme of that person's entire life. With most souls, that one color will be present across many lifetimes.

Aura color can change overtime or momentarily, depending on what we are going through in the moment. If person's mood changes often, their aura color will change with that. If a person stays in a stable mood state for days or long term, their aura will remain of same color long term.

*Be clear when you are checking on your client's color frequency if you are asking about their aura field or about their soul essence.




Red Ray - Strength and Energy

Red ray soul's gift to the world is to bring energy and inspired action to this world. They are the ones that can start projects and get things done. They tend to be very active, adept at sports or focused on other physical activities. They also love being close to their family and friends, creating a sense of safety and security for their nearest and dearest by being in charge as the family protector. They can also enjoy being a part of the collective community and they are constantly going to and/or planning activities with others.

If in the shadow expression, they can become ego-driven, self-centered, demanding, and become angry easily if things are not going their way. They could become addicted to adrenaline activities and situations, addicted to drama too.

Red is associated with the Root chakra. All about the physical realm, strength, family, roots, security, survival, grounding...

I recall one client who I knew in his QHHT session was a red ray soul. He confirmed it himself while regressed without me leading him to the answer being red. He was a decent man, married, with children, focused on staying fit, outdoor activities, and his family. He got easily angry if things did not go to his liking. He had no clue about spiritual realms, he was very much focused on the physical and practical, on his business, body, family, friends and on overseeing the safety of his family and himself.



Recently I had a female client with light blue soul color and light blue aura too, but in her aura there was also some red hues. Tuning into that field, it did not feel like anger, but rather as a sense of being very grounded, a sense of stability, security, and a conscious connection to earth and ancestry. She confirmed that she was working on doing just that for the last 2 months and that she indeed feels very grounded, connected to earth and her ancestors, that she was focused on clearing her root chakra for a while. Prior to that she said she had a very difficult life.

This story clearly demonstrates the importance of doing the inner work, and in particular with the red ray souls to focus on ancestral healing.


Orange Ray - Warmth and Creativity

Orange ray soul's gift to humanity is to bring warmth, fun, and passionate creativity inspiration. They are original, inventive, and fun to be around when in their highest expression. They show us how to live to the fullest. They embrace change because they are adaptable thanks to their creativity. They have a good sense of humor, love to laugh and see the humor in all situations.

Orange is associated with the Sacral chakra. All about passion, creativity, desires, sexuality,...

People with orange soul color ray are usually intoxicating, original, temperamental, creative, passionate... In their younger years they can be impulsive and be moved by their sexual desires, ego based needs & wishes. They can change moods quickly and become arrogant and snappy if things don't go their way. They can navigate towards co-dependent and toxic relationships full of emotional manipulation until they transcend the shadow side of orange ray.

When the person matured, orange soul usually choose to express themselves through healthy, useful, and original creativity and by bringing humor to challenging situations to lift others up.

It is important for this ray person to establish some higher life philosophy and accept higher life values. That way they have a potential of transforming their intense sexual energy to spiritual/creative energy. In that case their sexual energy focused use can become very powerful creative and manifestation force in their life.

These souls tend to have past lives or family history with sexual abuse or promiscuous behavior that becomes energy block held by shame. This needs to be worked on and released to liberate this soul and reconnect the person to a healthy self-expression.




Yellow Ray - Acceptance and Upliftment

Yellow soul's gift to humanity is to bring clarity, acceptance, and a sense of belonging to the world. They are more independent, but they are connectors and will build bridges and ladders for others. They bring a sense of belonging and accepting love…they lift and light the world up. They are non-judgmental and bring knowledge by sharing different perspectives…they enlighten others.

They are here to remind us to follow our excitement.

This ray is linked to the solar plexus chakra, which is all about self-confidence, autonomy, sense of humor, responsibility, and will to be alive and thriving.

If this is out of balance due to trauma and suppression, then sadness, grief and depression can take over. Inner Child healing is very important to help this soul to enjoy a healthy expression of the yellow ray.




Green Ray - Healing and Support

The green soul's gift to humanity is to bring healing and nurturing to others and to facilitate growth. Many of them choose to become stewards of the planet, flora, and fauna. They are the healers & caretakers of the world — they are loving & nurturing. People feel at ease in their presence, and you can rely on the green soul person to help you out when you are in need.

If in their shadow they can become a doormat, being misused, and abused by selfish individuals. Once they learn discernment and importance of healthy boundaries and sharing the love in their heart also with themselves, they become more energized and happier.

They often incarnate into families with lack of love and emotional nurturance which gives them a sense of grief and sadness because they are missing the love they are used to from where they come from. Their work on earth is to heal the heart and return to feeling safe in giving and receiving unconditional love. The love they were looking for outside of them was inside their heart all along.

This ray is connected to the heart chakra, which is all about love, care, service, nurturing, self-acceptance, abundance...

They are here to restore balance and harmony in relationships, situations, and places. They struggle to be in messy places and in conflicting situations.

With Archangel Rafael aligned to this color ray, they often become healers of humans or animals. That, or offer some practical and useful service to others. They tend to have 'green thumbs' as nature is their favorite place to be.


💗 💗 💗 


Pink soul's gift to humanity is to bring unconditional love, comfort, playfulness, and warmth into our lives. Many choose to be artists, or take care of children, and more often animals or plants because they find it challenging to be part of a dense harsh society. They find it easy to perceive more subtle realms including the elementals and find it easy to tap into what most humans would call a world of fantasy. These souls often remember their incarnations as fairies, elementals and interacting with creatures like unicorns and pixies...

They are very truthful, honest, and can be very naive in their childhood and would believe any story someone tells them without questioning it.

So, the life challenge for these souls is to learn that not everyone they meet is genuine. They can become quite disappointed and sad when they learn this and tend to close themselves from the world for a long time until someone helps them to let go of their pain and come out again but this time with a better discernment.

*In many cases I saw pink souls with clients who had Conjunct alignments to Vega Lyra, especially when in Conjunction their Pluto, Neptune, Uranus. These clients had a very soft, artistic, and playful personality, feeling a deep connection to children, animals, plants, rocks and felt more comfortable in nature rather than interacting with humans who they find challenging.



Turquoise Ray / Blue-Green Ray - Positivism

This is a mix of two rays. BLUE and GREEN, or BLUE and YELLOW.

Turquoise ray soul's gift is their eagerness to bring out truth through mass communication. They are very curious by nature, truth-seekers and adventure/thrill-seekers who love to investigate and share their findings with others. They are highly active in their communities (activists); they see the good in everyone and tend to be idealistic and optimistic. They are willing to give several chances to people who disappoint or hurt them. They enjoy being outside and having various adventures.

I personally feel most in resonance with this ray. I feel a mix of blue and yellow rays. From experience I know my Source is yellow (with white and gold sparks) and my soul essence is turquoise. When I reflect on how I engage with life, I express mainly via the heart (green), throat (blue), and solar plexus (yellow). I am passionately creating & sharing what I learn via spoken and written word, motivated by love & joy of sharing, connecting, contributing for the upliftment of humanity.

Turquoise is connected to the higher heart chakra located between the throat and the heart space, also referred to as spiritual heart chakra, also known as the etheric heart chakra. Another word for this chakra is thymic or thymus chakra. It is all about speaking from the heart. Selfless, in service to the Creation, God, the Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka.



Blue Ray - Peace and Truth

Blue ray soul's gift to humanity is to bring peace and speak the truth. Because they can easily put themselves into other people's shoes, they can innately understand all perspectives and reveal unifying solutions. They are the diplomats who can help resolve conflicting situations. They are the peacemakers.

Blue is connected to Throat chakra and is all about communication.

There are different shades of the blue ray souls. I have noticed that those who are light blue are more introverts and those with royal blue are extroverts.

The light blue rays seem to embody compassion, the grace frequency of the divine mother. Often Mother Mary, or Quan Yin or other female ascended masters play an important role in their life as their spirit guides. They are called to hold healing space for those who are tormented by guilt and shame. They are here to help us reconnect to the pure state of innocence. Before they realize the power of their soul frequency they tend to allow others to mistreat them as they have a hard time saying no. They can become addicted to drugs or alcohol as a way of escaping density of this world. It is important they learn to connect to a sense of peace inside their soul. When they mature and learn healthy boundaries they find it easier to be on Earth. They are loyal, pure in heart, spiritual, intuitive, tuned to the Universal peace. They tend to be dreamers and prefer to be in their heavenly imagination rather than grounded on Earth.

The royal blue souls are passionate about revealing hidden truths in our society and they can become activists, rebels, revolutionaries. They are not afraid to stir few feathers if the outcome is balance and peace. They could act like a human lie detector because they can sense a frequency of a lie instantly. With Archangel Michael frequency aligned with this ray, they are the ones that call out any bullies, and they will go to great lengths until justice is served.

They feel called to leadership roles and have high integrity. They are dependable and have discernment, they focus on the next step. They are here to initiate change towards higher ideals and to restore peace and harmony on earth.

Their purpose is to bring divine will and infinite peace to the world. They are excellent communicators and sometimes choose art as a medium to convey their message. They bring balanced wisdom and provide harmonious perspectives so that all feel heard.



Indigo Ray / Blue-Ray - Problem Solvers

Indigo soul's gift to humanity is to help us see beyond the physical reality and teach us how to navigate non-physical realms when going within. They have a strong intuition, higher understanding, and deep knowing. They are gifted problem solvers.

They can read between the lines and see things for what they truly are. They don't mind being different and challenge the status quo.

They have a high standard for themselves and others. Can be quite critical and frustrated with outdated human rules, especially in their youth when they often rebel against any conformity.

If they physical body is traumatized by abuse, they can experience spiritual attacks until they heal and learn how to raise their frequency high enough to avoid dark entities. Sometimes their Higher Self blocks their psychic abilities until they resolve trauma conditioning in their body, this is a protection mechanism. When their body is clear from trauma and they are heart centered, they can access their soul gifts.

They can be very creative, and their creations can emanate high frequency that lifts other up to spiritual realms.

Indigo is linked to Third Eye chakra which is all about intuition and transcending time space reality and connecting to spiritual realms of infinite intelligence.

They enjoy regularly meditating, lucid dreaming, even able to predict the future. They are naturally good at visualizing and making powerful positive affirmations to the Universe. They help us realize our manifesting potential and anchoring the New Earth frequency on earth by tapping into expanded non-linear perspectives and a quantum understanding of reality.


I also strongly resonate with the below description of Indigos on the Ascension Glossary page as it correlates with what I often see in my indigo clients sessions:

The Indigo Races refers to souls with the 6th dimensional frequency band of consciousness activated which is the 6th Chakra and its brain complex. Indigos are born with the Indigo Color Spectrum of Frequency in their Auric field. These races were sent to the Earth as representatives for the Guardians and protectors of the living light library and to prevent this planet from descension into a fallen or descending Phantom Matrix. The Indigos are here to fulfill this planet'Ascension cycle by holding the higher frequency and light codes required to support the planetary grids into activation of higher DNA coding.

Indigos have a larger group purpose as a task force for the Sirian Council (6D Gatekeepers) and Guardian races to be the Agents of Transformation as well as having a unique special skill set for individual soul purpose. They are incarnate here to be the system busters and harbingers of the huge paradigm shift of consciousness leading into the Mother principle to restore energetic balance. Many are energy placement holders preparing for a certain time and space to bolster accelerating planetary frequency. 



Purple/Violet Ray - Higher Order & Spirituality

Purple ray soul's gift to humanity is to teach us how to transcend this physical world and align with our Higher Selves. They can embody and can easily connect with the ascended master’s collective consciousness. They are guided to creatively raise frequency of the planet and the human collective. They are artistic, creative, spiritual, and have a deepened understanding of spirit and the divine. They also have an innate ability in providing the world a connection to the spiritual aspects of life. Many violets are in the healing & creative arts while many others are philosophers, teachers, and spiritual guides.

I have met many violet rays who experienced severe abuse in their childhood and their family history is full of abuse of all kinds. They are well able to heal and transform the DNA trauma conditioning and become powerful healers to the most troubled souls.

This color is linked to the Crown Chakra, and it has the shortest wavelength and highest frequency.

They hold strong spiritual consciousness. They feel called to transcend all human limitations and lead humanity towards liberated state. They lead by example and have an extremely high standard for themselves. In their youth they feel like they are not doing enough, and struggle with self-confidence. This is because they feel like they are here on an especially important mission and nothing they do seem to satisfy that high expectation of themselves. They need to realize that they are on a collective mission, they are not alone in carrying the load and fulfilling the prophecy of the New Earth that is liberated from dark forces.

They often have strong extra-sensory perception and can tune into infinite intelligence, akasha, quantum field of all potentials, tap into past, or future and channel information coming from source and from other beings of higher dimensions and densities.

They act like a bridge between heaven and earth and their role is to teach humans how to activate their own psychic abilities.


*Interesting article HERE on violet souls’ mission on earth.


Magenta Ray | Red-Violet Ray - Unity

The magenta soul's gift to humanity is to show us how effortless the embodiment of unity consciousness can be with their playful embrace of the physical and spiritual world as equally valuable.

They live in the here and now, feeling a strong awareness of their connection to the past and future at the same time. They are very quantumly aware, multidimensional perspective as their nature. .

Everything they touch is purposed towards creating beauty that is not only visually appealing but also practical. They are light-hearted and seem to navigate life with ease and manifest divine synchronicities with ease. They are adaptable and inventive.

They can easily tap into the Akashic records and access information about people's past lives and soul purpose and reveal practical solutions. Many choose a path of creative self-expression where they can be playful and add beauty to this world.

They are highly sensitive people who are very compassionate and loving to all.

Magenta ray mysteriously appears before the red ray and after the violet ray. It is a manifestation of universal infinity and is rightfully connected to number 8 and the 8th chakra. The Soul Star chakra is connected to our soul records and our soul purpose.

The magenta ray is the Alpha and Omega, as above, so below.

This soul ray seems to be quite rare on earth at this time. Perhaps we will see more of these gems incarnating on earth in near future.


White Soul - Angelic and Graceful

White soul colour is often linked to a Blueprinter Originator type of being. They have a strong link to the angelic realm and feel more like a collective soul being, rather than a strong identity of a specific soul group with a specific purpose.

Their soul origin is linked via Black holes, supra cosmic points rather than a particular star system. You will most likely find multiple conjunctions to black holes and the royal stars in their chart. It is also likely that they will have well balanced elements and aspects in their chart. Libra and Pisces signs will have at least one strong placement.

On a human level, they have a natural ability to tune in to the full spectrum of soul colour frequencies, high intelligence, an ability to put themselves in other people's shoes, and equally, other people feeling at ease in the presence of a white soul person. Similarities to Crystal and Diamond souls (further below) with regards to their high sensitivity to energies around them but the difference is that the white soul is not as triggering to other people's shadow side as Diamond souls are. White souls present to be more gentle and don't like to stir conflicts or fight for opinions. They tend to prefer to be the silent observer.

White Soul purpose on earth: They are here to embody the example of a well balanced life experience in harmony with their environment. Their strong preference is to offer gentle guidance by being a living example, rather than preaching and demanding changes. They are not here necessarily to do 'big things' but just to be present, to observe, to set an example by BEING rather than communicating.

Some of them act as 'the eyes and ears' for higher dimensional beings/ Blueprinters.

Intuitively avoidant of accruing karma, they hold high integrity and do their best to stay out of trouble. If they had past lives, most are uneventful and there is usually very little karma to transmute. If there is some karma from past lives, it usually relates to 1/7 houses where their egoless identity was misused by others.

They can experience frustrations with societal systems entrapments, or feeling upset witnessing how the distortions to the original divine designs are causing pain to this planet and it's inhabitants. They innately know what life experience on earth could and should feel like when in harmony so the contrast is hard on them. But, there is something inside them that helps them reset fast from low moments, something inside them keeps them afloat so they can embody the ideal of ease and flow that they came here to demonstrate.

**Read the comments below related to white souls clients experience.


Crystal and Diamond Ray - Anchors and Purifiers

These souls are usually born to Indigo parent(s) and are here to support Earth's ascension process.

Their gift to humanity is to reflect to us what we can't see within ourselves. They act like a mirror for our unconscious habits and limitations as well as for our bright side. In their presence people tend to become aware of their own shadow and limitations, or their own qualities that were in denial.

A person who still has a lot of shadow work to do and living in ego-centered way, they will feel triggered in a presence of a crystal/diamond soul and even become angry. A person who is of pure heart but struggles with lack of self-love will find it much easier to accept themselves and embrace their light and love potential.

Crystal/Diamond soul people are sincere and open, willing to connect to others deeply and with all honesty. They are the huggers (unless trauma conditioned).

These souls are very sensitive energetically and to the environment. Their human body is prone to allergies and physical issues that point out our collective unhealthy way of living.

They tend to absorb negative energy from the environment, so it is important they consciously take time to practice energy clearing for themselves daily.

They can have psychic and healing abilities and feel their purpose on earth is to be of selfless service.

They can sense person's true nature, their soul essence. Their eyes and look tend to be piercing through to the core of your soul, nothing can be hidden in their presence.

Their main purpose is to act like a powerful pure channel, portal, amplifier of high vibrational cosmic frequencies coming to earth through the sun light and other cosmic forces. Anchoring these in the physical form.

***These souls could also be seen and identified as translucent or white light souls.



Rainbow Ray/Iridescent - Divine Joy

A decade after the year 2000 reports of rainbow soul children started appearing. Indeed, they started incarnating here in growing numbers to support Earth's ascension to higher density.

My daughter's BFF is a rainbow soul child, and it is a delight to have him around.

They can be easily identified by their delicate nature and their constant giggles. When I tap into rainbow souls’ history, it feels like they come from higher dimensional worlds where pure joy and fun is a priority.

This is their first time on Earth so no past lives on earth in their records.

The Rainbow soul human body looks delicate, they tend to be smaller comparing to their peers.

They are very sensitive and can become very sad when they see suffering of humans, animals, and nature, even to the point of getting sick if they were emotionally connected to the one who suffers.

They are compassionate and love being helpful. They are very trusting and forgive easily.

They tend to be born to parents who are indigo and crystal souls, to loving and peaceful families with parents who have done the ancestral healing and ended trauma cycles.

The gift of Rainbows to humanity is to anchor very high frequency of pure joy and playfulness on Earth.

They have great imagination and are very creative, artistic. They are adventurous and brave.

In their adult years they tend to choose jobs connected to art, animals, nature, creative self-expression and in environments where their playful nature is supported.

They can develop many skills as they are adaptable and eager to learn and become good at what they do. They are very smart, observing, curious, very sociable, huggers.



Gold Ray - Divine Masculine

Golden ray soul's gift to humanity is demonstrate the potential of an embodiment of Divine Masculine principles and unity consciousness with ego-less nature. These souls feel from very early age their connection to god/source/divine and they feel protected even in difficult situations. They perceive everything in their life as a blessing, the good and the bad equally. They hold non-judgmental perspective and understand that everything can serve as a tool for evolution of consciousness. They usually manage to transcend limited conditioning of ego by their 30ies.

They are incredibly supportive, protecting, caring, compassionate, and wise beyond their age.

They tend to embrace spiritual teachings of various religions and find a common thread between them.

They can feel a strong connection to various divine masculine ascended masters like Jesus, Buddha, Babaji, and other compassionate teachers.



Silver Ray - Divine Feminine

Silver ray soul's gift to humanity is to demonstrate the potential of an embodiment of Divine Feminine principles and unity consciousness with ego-less nature. These souls feel from very early age their connection to god/source/divine and they feel protected even in difficult situations. They perceive everything in their life as a blessing, the good and the bad equally. They hold non-judgmental perspective and understand that everything can serve as a tool for evolution of consciousness. They usually manage to transcend limited conditionings of ego by their 30ies.

They are very supportive, protecting, caring, compassionate, and wise beyond their age.

They tend to embrace spiritual teachings of various religions and find a common thread between them.

They feel a strong connection to various divine feminine ascended masters like Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Isis, Hathor, Mary Magdalene etc.

Very often the silver shows in the aura field during female ovulation time or a person who feel deep sexual connection with their partner.


🤎 🤎 🤎

Brown & Copper Rays - Grounding and Traditions

These soul's gift to humanity is to reconnect us to our deep ancestral wisdom and traditions that are in alignment with nature and human well-being.

They have a strong resonance with shamanic, tribal, and ancient cultures practices and teachings and they usually devote their life to bringing those back to our collective consciousness. They are rarely interested electronics, or anything inorganic and unnatural.

They are very down to earth, practical, active, and knowledgeable about healthy body and mind practices that are in harmony with nature. They enjoy using herbs to enhance well-being, sagging, incense and music with drums and tribal like.

They can be very matter of fact, no nonsense way of interacting with others, strong boundaries and willing to help those in need.



Black Souls - The Void

Based on my experience and beliefs, in our organic Universe we don't have the black ray as soul essence. It does not make sense to me scientifically and spiritually if we go with the light and color spectrum mechanics of our 3D reality. Unless they come from another universe where different laws could apply. Draco Reptilian souls seem to show black, and I believe they did originally come from another Universe billions of years ago.

There are few possibilities with black souls:

1) A soul showing as black in dominance could be a soul hat became very dark due to denying the light and love of Source for so long, they disconnected and became dark in nature. They will be manipulative and hurting others with no sense of remorse.

2) Inorganic soul template or a being with no soul, like Artificial Intelligence cyborgs, clones, hybrids created by dark soul beings, all these could read as black energy when we tune in psychically.

3) A light soul that is going through a deep spiritual awakening or experiencing a profound peace and connection to the Universal Core Void.


I once met a guy who felt during the soul color meditation exercise that his soul being black. When I tuned in, I sensed his core as light blue though. He was not a mean person at all, quit the opposite. As I tuned in for him the message was that he is currently anchoring the frequency of the universal void that is full of infinite creative potential and a profound peace. His presence was very grounding and when he shared some of the poems he wrote they were soul touching. He said the inspiration for such poems just pours into him at night and he can't help but write. He worked with company that is dedicated to monitoring and preserving endangered butterfly species. At the time he met me he was going through an intense spiritual awakening and soul searching.

In terms of aura reading, both above possibilities can apply. Black showing up in aura could mean that the person is going through an experience of profound peace, grounding, and deep spiritual awakening.

One more possible indicator of Black in the Aura is a potential physical disease and life-threatening issue like cancer.


You can dowse on the two options by asking if the black is a frequency of service-to-self oriented soul or service-to-others oriented soul.



Grey Ray - Confusion and Transition

Same as with black souls, I do not believe that the grey could be a soul origination ray. It is a color that is formed in combination of black and white.

To have a grey ray as the most dominant soul frequency to me would indicate that the person is going through a period of great confusion and uncertainty, or shift from either light to dark, or dark to light. (dowse to determine this)

I want to mention here the Zetas and other grey ET species who at some point disconnected their emotions and became emotionless, disconnected from the heart space which feels grey.

Person's aura showing as dominantly grey could be trauma conditioned with a blocked heart space and feeling disconnected from all the good things in their life.

Another indicator of Grey Aura is potential physical life-threatening issue like cancer.



If the pendulum shows the Multiple tabs as the answer, you then need to dowse further to determine all the colors. Ask this way: "Show me first the most dominant color" Then the next in dominance order, and the next etc. I often get 3 colors for soul essence.

Main one indigo for example, with hues of green and violet. There are many variations of multiple colors souls. Multi-galactic Starseeds usually have overlays of other colors. Once you identify each color, review the meaning of each and notice how it is reflected in the person's life I hope this helps. 😃





In your Quantum Soul Guidance practice, you have a few options of how you can ask about the soul colors of your client. Some of you may have a very well developed 'Clairs' so you may not need to use the pendulum here, but for most of us, divination tools are a "God Send".

Here is a simple process you can use when using a pendulum.

First set the clear intention of what you are dowsing on.

Through using your pendulum check if you have permission to check on this for your client.

Q: I have a permission to ask about my client's soul colors. (yes/no)

If yes is the answer, proceed. If the answer is no, have a drink of water and retest. (This is the most common reason for a no answer).

Work with the Soul Colors Pendulum Chart.

A) Q: Show me the most dominant color in my client's aura today.

Q: There is another color present. (yes/no)

If yes

Q: More than one color. (yes/no)

Q: There is another. (yes/no)

*Be aware that in some cases there can be one or more colors of equal measure rather than one dominant.

B) Q: Show me the average dominant aura color in the last 7 days.

Q: There is another color present. (yes/no)

If yes

Q: More than 1. (yes/no)

Q: There is another. (yes/no)


C) Q: Show me the most dominant color of average in my client's aura in the past 30 days.

Q: There is another color present. (yes/no)

If yes

Q: More than one. (yes/no)

Q: More than two. (yes/no)

Q: There is another. (yes/no)



D) Show me the most dominant color frequency of my client's Soul essence.

Q: There is another color present. (yes/no)

If yes

Q: More than one. (yes/no)

Q: More than two. (yes/no)

Q: There is another. (yes/no)


E) Using the Percentage Pendulum chart check:

Q: Show me the percentage of their embodiment of their soul essence color frequency in the last 7 days.

You can then check any other time period you are interested in (last month, last year, decade.). You should be able to see the percentage going up or down indicating them either aligning more to their True being or moving away from it. This could offer a valuable insight and guidance you could offer your client in advising them to focus on embodying their soul essence color more as that will bring them greater peace and harmony.




Each of the colors can be expressed in their shadow and light sides and of course the healthy medium. Especially in childhood, teenage and young adult years the soul frequency can be heavily tainted by the physical body trauma conditioning. Unless the person resolves the limited human consciousness blocks within their being, they might not be able to fully access their true soul frequency and their soul gifts.

I have met many clients who could not access their natural soul gifts and qualities due to severe trauma stored in their body. For example, purple souls should naturally be able to tune into higher realms, but if trauma in childhood, or ancestral trauma of severe abuse are left unhealed, they will be blocked. This is actually a protection mechanism of their higher self; it is a blessing in disguise. If they journey into astral realms with a heavy baggage of trauma conditioning, you are like a favorite meal for the lower astral parasitic beings who would sniff you miles away and attack.


An example of aligned or not aligned person: a red ray soul could express the energy through anger or, to create something meaningful. A blue ray could focus on communication in deceit or, high integrity, and so on.



If you are curious about this, you could use the Percentage Pendulum Chart and ask:

To what extend is the client currently accessing their true soul essence frequency, if 100% is divine perfection and 0% is completely blocked, what is the number calibration now?



If they are not fully aligned, you could inform your client about the soul essence color qualities and encourage them to focus on bringing that frequency into their life. The most helpful to them could be regular meditation practice where they visualize their soul color within and all around their body. This will calibrate their entire body to their soul essence, and they will start feeling more clarity and courage to embody their divine human potential and soul purpose on earth.


You could use the percentage chart for determining how far in the shadow or light side your client is expressing their true soul color frequency. If zero on the chart means the shadow and a complete block to their true nature and 100% means the full alignment to light the question is: To what percentage is my client embodying his/her true soul essence color frequency? This is one of many ways of how you can determine how liberated or blocked your client is.

Tell them to bring their soul color into their every-day consciousness by surrounding themselves with that color via art, home décor, clothes etc.


IMPORTANT NOTE: You should never claim to get the answer 100% right. Always let your client feel into your answer and see if it resonates with them. Ask them what color do they natural navigate towards? Invite them to do the meditation exercise in their own time or guide them while they are with you and let them feel into which color feels best in their body. The body knows the Truth of their Being.

Give them permission to follow their inner guidance. Especially if you are new to this art, always use your client as your sounding board.


I recently came across this article that I partially copied further below for you because I found it to be accurate. I went back through my indigo client’s files, and I really did note those overlays colors in their files.

But one thing I noticed is that there are exceptions to the years listed below. I am falling under this category myself, so I will share me as an example here: I am born in 1983, but I seem to have the overlay shades of the previous generation of Indigos rather than the crystal/octarine listed below.

So don't automatically assume with your clients that the overlays listed below will match their soul because of the years.


What I suggest you do is have the below waves of indigo notes handy but look at them AFTER you dowsed on your client's soul color. Once you note down your findings THEN look at this article and compare. You will have this as a wonderful validation to your findings. I did this many times in the last few months and it always puts a smile on my face when it is matching.



The below text credit




Indigo Children Generation One (Alpha): Born between 1958-1968. Born with blue-green-violet overlays, camouflaged with tans. Saturn’s Return/Awakening years for this generation were 1986-1996. (Age 28 for each year.) Octarine phase.


Indigo Children Generation Two (Beta): Born between 1968-1978: This generation also came in with the blue-green-violet overlay, but without the tan camouflage. The Saturn’s Return/Awakening years for this generation were 1996-2006. This generation is also Post-Awakening.


Indigo Children Generation Three (Gamma): Born between 1978-1988: Here is the first generation of minimally overlaid Indigos. Crystal/Octarine. This is where some of the earliest manifestations of apparent ADD and ADHD in Indigo children began. Saturn’s Return/Awakening for this generation will be from 2006-2016.


Indigo Children Generation Four (Delta): 1988-1998: The first of the ‘pure’ Indigos with no color overlay at all- only the highly chameleonic Crystal/Octarine. These are the ‘wildest’ of the apparent ADD/ADHD group, and Guidance states that it is possible that it is the rapid-fire over-stimulation by the public media of this time acting on the crystal overlay that is driving the Indigo child to distraction. Suggestions of the use of slower rhythms and deep, warm colors in their environment, rather than the use of drugs, may stop these ‘oscillations’ that make them ping off the walls, and give the Crystal/Octarine element in their overlays something to use for grounding. It will also make their transition into adolescence smoother- this group will have the hardest puberty, and, if not carefully monitored, the highest drug/alcohol and suicide rate of all the cohorts. For this group, Saturn’s Return/Awakening will be from 2016-2026.


Indigo Children Generation Five (Omega): 1998-2008: According to my Guidance, this will be the last decade of pure Indigos, and the end of the major cohorts. acclimatizing themselves to the environment as the Delta generation, and depending upon the local conditions, may have an extremely difficult childhood. Many of these Indigos will be born of earlier Indigos, and some will be reincarnations of Alpha and Beta generation Indigos who chose to leave early.


Depending upon local conditions, this generation will experience its Saturn’s Return/Awakening from 2026-2036. Other elements may speed up or back off the timetable. The number of people of the Indigo ray will drop off sharply during this generation.

If you are a Beta generation Indigo Children , on the verge of or are presently in the midst of your Saturn’s Return period, this guidance should help you. For Indigos, this difficult time serves to strip away the overlays and camouflage and reveal to them their true potential and psychic capabilities. Indigo Children may feel totally naked without their overlays, and if they do not understand what is happening to them, they may panic and think they’re going mad. Careful direction, close peer contact, and compassionate guidance is essential during these vulnerable times.

A note: These dates and generations aren't set in concrete. If you were born before 'Alpha', that doesn't diminish your status at all. There will always be Indigo Children in the population, but sometimes there are more than other times.



I recently connected with a wonderful lady Denise Dryden who dedicated years of her life to studying Indigos, Blue Rays, Violet Rays, Crystals, Rainbow, and Diamond Souls. She offers great resources on the topic, and we recently connected in a delightful chat on the topic which you can watch HERE. I also highly recommend you watch her video series called the Indigo Assignment.


Attached are two pendulum charts which you can use if you would like to check about your or your clients soul colors. Be playful about this, experiment, reflect, let your heart guide you, as always. 😃

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