How to Navigate This Course

This course is attracting people from all walks of life, and I did my best to facilitate a wide variety of souls joining our tribe here. Some are already experienced in this field, and some are complete newbies.

For this reason, it was a challenge for me to decide the order of modules presented. I can imagine that some of you will be more interested to first learn about information in the later modules. If that is the case, feel free to skip to what you are most interested learning about first and then review the remaining modules.

Some modules in this course could be presented as separate mini courses on their own. Hence it is OK to start with any module at all. Consider the order of modules I presented as a suggestion only.


For those of you who are complete newbies to the idea of Extra-Terrestrials, Starseeds, Astrology, or working with your intuition, you will really need to take your time with this course and pause often to allow the new information to expand you and integrate before you move on to the next segment. You cannot rush this process.


For those of you who are already experienced astrologer or aware of all topics extra-terrestrials, you may find that you are navigating through this course quite swiftly. I would suggest you work with several different charts of your family or friends while you are going through this course to see how you can apply this information with various Astro charts.


I invite you to pay close attention to what stands out for you as you engage with the content in this course. There will be some topics where your soul will tell you YES, this is for you, and some lessons that you will not really engage with on a soul level. Pay attention to that and write those topics on a paper somewhere so you can include them in your assignment as part of the module called 'Delivering the Reading'.


You will notice that each lesson has a comments section at the end of it. I encourage you to ask questions there, or share your experience, or reflections for others to also benefit from your input. I will be happy to answer all your questions and help in any way I can.


You will also find attachments at the end of many lessons. You will be able to download those attachments (usually in PDF format) and keep for personal use.


When you are viewing the course material on your computer, you can use the CTRL+F function while reviewing the course curriculum. After you press CTRL+F, a small window will appear on your top right corner of the screen where you can type any keyword in which you are interested. For example: Aspects, ET Races, Galactic Center, etc. Then click Enter. And the FIND function will highlight the lessons that contain that key word in the lesson title.

Similarly, when you are inside any lesson, you can use the same function CTRL+F, to quickly find what you are looking for. I demonstrate how to do this, in one of our Q&A videos at the end of this course.


Our monthly Q&A calls hold answers to so many questions of a newbie student and advanced astrologers. I recommend you scroll to the end of this course to find the Q&A section and start watching the Q&A calls from the beginning of your study. You will find it extremely helpful. There is an index page available there to help you search for keywords and review the minutes of each call.


Do not compare yourself to others who are many steps ahead of you. It does not serve you. Remember, that those who seem far ahead of you must have been on this journey for much longer. They too were where you are now once. So be at peace with your own unique path and divine timing for you to walk this exciting path. You will be called to service at the right time when people you are meant to assist on their journey will be ready. For now, they are sleeping so you have time to study and prepare. All is well.


I have a feeling that this course should be dripped released = smaller portions of the course content would be released on a weekly basis. I did not choose that for those of you who are avid students and hungry to dive in at a faster pace.

So instead, I chose to release the whole course all at once and I give YOU the opportunity to judge what pace is best and healthiest for you.

Be careful that you do not go too fast. If you do that, your brain will not be taking the information in, and you will feel overwhelmed. Possibly even give up halfway through the course.

In those weak moments, you need to honor your brain's learning capacity and pace. Just slow down a little and find a way to take in smaller bite sizes.

TAKE REGULAR BREAKS from the screen even for just 10 minutes and you will notice that you remember more that way. Ideally, you should not study for longer than 45 minutes in one go.

TAKE REGULAR BREAKS from the content of this course, even a few days to let some of the advanced information integrate. As you return from a day or two break, you will find better able to digest more.

Give yourself an opportunity to digest the information in this course, follow the exercises, reflect on what you are learning and once it sinks in, only then move on to engage with another lesson.


If you are a complete newbie to astrology or psychic skills development, the first time you go through the course you are being introduced to many new concepts, and it will likely feel like it is too much to hold in your mind. That is perfectly normal reaction. I am teaching you what I learned in many years of experience, I did not know all this at once when I started.

But I want you to be aware of the many variations and possibilities that can show up in a soul reading. It is ok if all I shared with you in this course will just stay somewhere at the back of your mind at first. Rest assured that when it shows up in your sessions you will suddenly recognize that you have read about it in the course, so you can find it here and manage accordingly.

The second time you go through the course, you will start becoming more comfortable with different concepts and feel pulled towards certain elements. Find your niche in this work. You do not have to become an expert on all presented elements in this course. Start somewhere and let the road take you to your destiny.


In case you will be thinking about additional information that you would like to see included in this course, feel free to email your suggestions at any point, I will consider them all. This course is alive and always evolving.

I look forward to interacting with you in the comments section and getting to know you as you engage with this course content. Enjoy.



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